Looking to give your project some additional value for your holders?

Partner with Harmonized and create a single token staking and yield-farming pool in less than 3 days!

“Current Staking Partnerships”

A List Royal
Floki Bro
Santa Elon
Santa Inu

Value of Staking with Harmonized

  • Trustworthy and Experienced Team: KYC + Audit

  • SAVE a ton of TIME on development

  • SAVE MONEY on hiring experienced developers

  • Present NEW and EXCITING news to your community

New Harmonized Partner Marketing Roll Out:

  • New Partnership Announcement on our channels
  • Logo added to various website pages
  • $100 Contest Launched ($50 $HMZ + $50 YOUR TOKEN)
    • Follow both our pages and tag a friend in the comments
  • CMC/CG Voting Blitz
    • Upon announcement to our community we include your link to CMC to help mobilize our audience to vote for both your token and ours.
  • Mention in upcoming Influencer Posts about new partnerships
  • Included in HMZ Weekly VIdeo Update
  • Mentioned in our digital ads
  • Promotional posting language, graphics, and links provided to you to share with your community

Investment: 10BNB

1) 3 BNB will go towards the buyback mechanism, where a large portion (nearly one-third) of the fee will be injected directly into the $HMZ liquidity pool, buying back $HMZ tokens and ensuring constant buy pressure.
2) 3 BNB will be allocated towards the individual organizing the project staking pool, allowing individuals to engage, market and earn income for promoting the product.
3) 4 BNB will go towards Harmonized developers for the continual updating and management of the protocol.

Ancillary Opportunity

If you want staking hosted on your own site
the fee is 13BNB and 'powered by Harmonized' branding is required on the page


Road Map

Launch Website
IDO / PCS Listing
Expand swap aggregation to cover 5 dexs
Launch Yield Optimizer
Expand aggregation to the top 10 BSC decentralized exchanges
Yield optimizer boosts and partnerships
Tracking DAPP Launch
Affiliate scheme introduced (Earn trading fees)
Automated Staking Protocol
Multi-Chain aggregation and yield optimization
Harmonized Cross-Chain Launchpad
Harmonized NFTs
To Be Continued


What is the business model of the aggregator and yield optimisation?

What is the business model of the aggregator and yield optimisation?

The swap automatically selects the best price for a respective token. If there was a large amount of savings to the median a small fee is taken which is then bought back into the Harmonized token. This is no larger than a traditional DEX fee, and only when a trade has saved you money! There is a 4% wealth management fee across our yield optimizer which is bought back into Harmonized.
How do cross-chain plans benefit me?

How do cross-chain plans benefit me?

We plan to take Harmonized cross chain, aggregating across multiple LPs. We will not release other Harmonized Tokens on other chains, but send fees from cross-chain performance to a CEX to be converted to BNB and then bought back into Harmonized. It all comes back to the original Harmonized.
Is this audited??

Is this audited??

As of writing, we have completed an audit with @Trynos which was rated 100% Safe (Something he rarely does). We have also done an AssureDeFi KYC and another Audit and KYC with Dessert Finance.
Where can I find information on the team?

Where can I find information on the team?

We are using industry leading and audited development solutions, with our CTO overseeing all operations. Everything is paid for in full, so no tokens are delegated towards developers (Often an excuse projects have on malicious actions) The creator of Harmonized has completed third party KYC with both launchpad and auditing firms.